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Conducting musical drug test....

2017-11-17 13:07:28 by NingNangNong

I created a song with subliminal fidgetry to trigger objective thoughts in the listening experience and hypothetically raise your IQ.

Please be my guest and review.

Also I am insane. Thanks!

I'd also like to credit Aphex Twin for direct inspiration for the playlist from which the song I linked is part of.

7 songs - first 4 made jazz-like with the midi keyboard (raw energy), then 2 by hand in Fl Studio (mechanisation), then back to 1 raw energy song.

It was made tonight in about 4-5 hours after listening to this video at a friends house while drinking beer and smoking cones.

The visual component created by the texture of the mix (in the video linked above) was the direct inspiration of the song I linked above. It reminded me, I told my friend, of the warmth of an analogue monitor in a pitch black room.

Basically I was going straight in one direction til it got unbearable with the jazz and then flipping it over on myself with an opposite technique.

Thus the title '~Meta Reversal~'. I've done such a thing a few times with the flip but not quite to this extent. You have to do it in a short space of time and in one sitting basically... sleeping ruins the energy I create or maybe it just dissolves into the fabric of the Earth's atmosphere, I dunno.

I've been making nothing but jazz-inspired music on the midi keyboard for about 2 weeks so the flip was quite drastic and I just threw myself into the 2 mechanized songs I made tonight.

Full playlist ~





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